The Staff
Monday Friday
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Slichter 3853

Some Seminars are moved to Friday because of a conflict.

Oct. 2, 2017 Student Organized
Oct. 13, 2017 Paul Warren
New forms of late fluid/redox alteration in basaltic meteorites (eucrites) - RESCHEDULED (see date)
Oct. 16, 2017 Jabrane Labidi
Sulfur isotope evidence for photochemistry and ice transport in the early solar system
Oct. 20, 2017 Melanie Barboni
Zircon: the magmatic time capsule
Oct. 27, 2017 Beth Ann Bell
Zircon alteration: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Nov. 3, 2017 Student Organized
Nov. 10, 2017 Dustin Trail
Silicon isotopes in zircon
Nov. 17, 2017 Thomas Kruijer
Silicon and oxygen isotopes in zircon
Nov. 27, 2017 Issaku Kohl
Doubly substituted isotopologues of methane: Insights into production mechanisms and mixing in ...
Dec. 4, 2017 Student Organized
AGU practice talks