6/6/2012 - A seismic tour through Mexico's interior


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
1707 Geology

Presented By:
Xyoli Perez-Campos - UNAM


Mexico is such an interesting country, tectonically speaking. This seismic tour will visit two regions: the gulf of California and central-southern Mexico. We will review the latest results in terms of seismotectonics and structure, based mainly in receiver functions, though other studies will be mentioned. Our first stop will be at the gulf of California, where Farallon subduction ceased 12 Ma and opening of the gulf started. The northern gulf is under diffuse continental deformation while the south is characterized by oceanic spreading. Results from receiver functions have shown the thinning of the crust and lithosphere, and a possible correlation between the surface tectonic provinces with the upper mantle structure. The second stop will be in central-southern Mexico, affected by the subduction of Rivera and Cocos plates beneath North American plate. Recent seismic experiments have mapped the geometry of the subducting slab. In particular, we will visit the upper mantle transition zone and its correlation with the subducted slab.

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