5/16/2013 - ACTIVE ICE: The Importance of Ice Shelves and Streams to Ice-sheet Dynamics and Sea Level


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Geology 3656

Presented By:
Todd Dupont - UC Irvine


The potential for ice-sheet volume change to lead to significant sea-level change is of considerable scientific and societal interest. Understanding the behavior of fast-flowing outlets, a.k.a. ice streams, which drain the interior of ice sheets, is critical to the prognosis of ice volume and sea level. Of particular importance is the behavior of the floating extensions of ice streams, called ice shelves, because of their ability to buffer, or buttress, the outflow from the grounded ice. In this talk I will discuss efforts to model the dynamics of ice-stream/ice-shelf systems, focusing on two areas: i) grounding-line migration, and ii) ice-berg calving. These processes drive changes in ice-shelf volume, and ultimately affect ice volume variations.

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