3/3/2017 - A Transiting Extrasolar Ring System


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Geology 3814

Presented By:
Eric Mamajek - JPL


A Transiting Extrasolar Ring System

I’ll discuss the discovery and characterization of the “J1407” (V1400 Cen) system and its eclipsing complex ring system. J1407 is an otherwise unremarkable ~15 Myr-old pre-main sequence solar-mass star lacking infrared excess. The disk/ring system transiting J1407 is tenths of an AU in size with mass similar to that of the Earth, and the best models thus far require dozens of rings. The system is intermediate in size and mass between Saturn’s rings and circumstellar disks, and may represent the first example of a protoexosatellite disk and indirect evidence of exomoon formation.

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