No. Course Title Instructor
EPSS 001 Introduction to Earth Science Edward Rhodes
EPSS 003 Astrobiology Bruce Runnegar
Jean-Luc Margot
EPSS 008 Earthquakes Caroline Beghein
EPSS 009 Solar System and Planets David Jewitt
EPSS 015 Blue Planet: Introduction to Oceanography Edwin Schauble
EPSS 051 Minerology: Earth and Planetary Materials Axel Schmitt
EPSS 071 Introduction to Computing for Earth and Space Scientists Jonathan Aurnou
EPSS 103B Sedimentary Petrology Raymond Ingersoll
EPSS C107 Geochemistry John Wasson
EPSS 134 Computing in Earth and Space Sciences
EPSS 150 Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences Gilles Peltzer
EPSS 155 Planetary Physics Edward Young
EPSS 193A Undergraduate Journal Club Seminar: Earth and Space Sciences Craig Manning
EPSS 200E Planetary Origins and Evolution David Jewitt
EPSS 201 Classical Mechanics William Newman
EPSS C207 Geochemistry John Wasson
EPSS 220 Principles of Paleobiology William Schopf
EPSS 221 Field Geology An Yin
EPSS 235A Current Research in Geochemistry Edward Young
EPSS 265 Instrumentation, Data Processing, and Data Analysis in Space Physics Vassilis Angelopoulos
EPSS 286A Seminar: Planetology Jonathan Aurnou
EPSS 287A Seminar: Seismology and Earth's Interior Caroline Beghein
EPSS M288A Seminar: Space Physics Christopher Russell
EPSS 293A Space Physics Journal Club Christopher Russell
EPSS 295A Current Research in Earth and Space Sciences Craig Manning
EPSS 495 Teaching Earth and Space Sciences Jean-Luc Margot
EPSS 19 Geological Beauty of Yosemite Valley An Yin
EPSS 89HC Honors Contracts Edwin Schauble