No. Course Title Instructor
EPSS 1 Introduction to Earth Science Rosario Esposito
EPSS 3 Astrobiology Jean-Luc Margot
Tina Treude
EPSS 8 Earthquakes Lingsen Meng
EPSS 9 Solar System and Planets Edward Young
EPSS 15 Blue Planet: Introduction to Oceanography Edwin Schauble
EPSS 19 Fiat Lux: Mysteries of Inverted Fountain Jonathan Aurnou
EPSS 51 Mineralogy: Earth and Planetary Materials Abby Kavner
EPSS 61 Geologic Maps Seulgi Moon
EPSS 71 Introduction to Computing for Geoscientists Jonathan Aurnou
EPSS 103B Sedimentary Petrology The Staff
EPSS M118 Advanced Paleontology William Schopf
EPSS 150 Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences Gilles Peltzer
EPSS 152 Physics of Earth Paul Davis
EPSS 155 Planetary Physics David Paige
EPSS CM273 Earth Process and Evolutionary History David Jacobs
EPSS CM173 Earth Process and Evolutionary History David Jacobs
EPSS 200A Introduction to Geophysics and Space Physics I: Solid Earth and Planets Paul Davis
EPSS 201 Classical Mechanics William Newman
EPSS M216 Evolutionary Biology Michael Alfaro
Kirk Lohmueller
Robert Wayne
EPSS 235A Current Research in Geochemistry Kevin McKeegan
EPSS 245A Current Research in Tectonics Seulgi Moon
EPSS 261 Topics in Magnetospheric Plasma Physics Vassilis Angelopoulos
EPSS 286A Planetology The Staff
EPSS 287A Seismology and Earth's Interior Seulgi Moon
EPSS M288A Space Physics Marco Velli
EPSS 293A Space Physics Journal Club Marco Velli
EPSS 298 Advanced Topics in Earth and Space Sciences Marco Velli
EPSS 495 Teaching Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Vassilis Angelopoulos