No. Course Title Instructor
EPSS 009 Solar Systems and Planets Vassilis Angelopoulos
EPSS 071 Introduction to Computing Jonathan Aurnou
EPSS 152 Physics of the Earth Caroline Beghein
EPSS 001 Introduction to Earth Science Paul Davis
EPSS 287 Seismology and Earth's Interior Paul Davis
EPSS 020 Natural History of Southern California Clarence Hall
EPSS 210 Thermochronometry Mark Harrison
EPSS 015 Introduction to Oceanography David Jewitt
EPSS 119 Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Abby Kavner
EPSS 298 Advanced Topics Jean-Luc Margot
EPSS 013 Natural Disasters Kevin McKeegan
EPSS 200B Oceans and Atmospheres David Paige
EPSS 008 Earthquakes Gilles Peltzer
EPSS C113/213 Biological and Environmental Geochemistry Edwin Schauble
EPSS 103A Igneous Petrology Axel Schmitt
EPSS 133 Historical and Regional Geology Aradhna E. Tripati
EPSS 103C Metamorphic Petrology Edward Young
EPSS 188 Special Topics in Earth and Space Sciences Paul Davis
EPSS 193C Undergraduate Journal Club Seminar Jonathan Mitchell