No. Course Title Instructor
EPSS 008 Earthquakes
EPSS 013 Natural Disasters William Newman
EPSS 015 Introduction to Oceanography David Jewitt
EPSS 017 Dinosaurs and Their Relatives Robert E. Tripati
EPSS 101 Earth's Energy: Diminishing Fossil Resources and Prospects for Sustainable Future David Paige
EPSS 103A Igneous Petrology Mark Harrison
EPSS 103C Metamorphic Petrology Craig Manning
EPSS 111 Stratigraphic and Field Geology Raymond Ingersoll
EPSS 119 Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Edwin Schauble
EPSS 193C Undergraduate Journal Club Seminar: Earth and Space Sciences Aradhna E. Tripati
EPSS 133 Historical and Regional Geology Aradhna E. Tripati
EPSS 188 Special Topics in Earth and Space Sciences Sinan Akciz
EPSS 121 Advanced Field Geology An Yin
EPSS 121F Advanced Field Geology: Fieldwork An Yin