No. Course Title Instructor
EPSS 8 Earthquakes
EPSS 9 Solar System and Planets
EPSS 13 Natural Disasters
EPSS 15 Blue Planet: Introduction to Oceanography
EPSS 17 Dinosaurs and Their Relatives
EPSS 103C Metamorphic Petrology
EPSS 111 Stratigraphic and Field Geology
EPSS 119 Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
EPSS 133 Historical and Regional Geology
EPSS 136B Applied Geophysics
EPSS 153 Oceans and Atmospheres
EPSS 165 Tectonic Geomorphology
EPSS C179 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Theory and Applications
EPSS 193C Undergraduate Journal Club Seminar: Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences
EPSS 200B Introduction to Geophysics and Space Physics II: Oceans and Atmospheres
EPSS 235C Current Research in Geochemistry
EPSS 121 EPS SCI 121 - Advanced Field Geology An Yin