No. Course Title Instructor
EPSS 008 Earthquakes Mark Harrison
EPSS 009 Solar Systems and Planets Jean-Luc Margot
EPSS 015 Blue Planet: Introduction to Oceanography Aradhna E. Tripati
EPSS 016 Major Events in History of Life William Schopf
EPSS 017 Dinosaurs and their Relatives Anthony Friscia
EPSS 019 Rock Whispering and Extreme Climates Aradhna E. Tripati
EPSS 061 Geologic Maps Edward Rhodes
EPSS 101 Earth's Energy: Diminishing Fossil Resources and Prospects for Sustainable Future David Paige
EPSS C109 Isotope Geochemistry Edward Young
EPSS 111 Stratigraphic and Field Geology Raymond Ingersoll
EPSS 111G Field Geology Raymond Ingersoll
EPSS 116 Paleontology Bruce Runnegar
EPSS 135 Introduction to Applied Geophysics Paul Davis
EPSS 139 Engineering and Environmental Geology Sinan Akciz
EPSS 153 Oceans and Atmospheres Jonathan Mitchell
EPSS 154 Solar Terrestrial Physics Christopher Russell
EPSS C162 Application of Remote Sensing in Field Gilles Peltzer
EPSS 184G Field Geology for Graduate Students An Yin
EPSS 193B Undergraduate Journal Club Seminar: Earth and Space Sciences William Schopf
EPSS C194E Research Topics in Earth and Space Sciences: Sedimentation and Tectonics Raymond Ingersoll
EPSS 188 Special Topics in Earth and Space Sciences
EPSS 019 Magnificent Geology of Death Valley An Yin