The Geophysics and Space Physics program offers study in Earth's interior (seismology, gravity, thermal regime, geomagnetism, tectonics), geophysical fluid dynamics (turbulence, rotating systems, stability, hydromagnetism), nonlinear dynamics, planetology (orbital dynamics, planetary interiors, surfaces and atmospheres, solar-system origin), and space physics (magnetosphere, radiation belts, solar wind, magnetic fields, cosmic rays). Many of our faculty are interdisciplinary in their research. These faculty below have research interests in the disciplines covered in our graduate program in Geophysics and Space Physics (G&SP). Although our Geophysics and Space Physics emeriti faculty do not directly advise graduate students, they provide a valuable resource in student research:

Name Title Email
Vassilis Angelopoulos Professor
Jon Aurnou Associate Professor
Caroline Beghein Assistant Professor
Peter Bird Professor Emeritus
Paul Davis Professor
Mackenzie Day Professor
David Jackson Professor Emeritus
David Jewitt Professor
Abby Kavner Associate Professor
Margaret Kivelson Professor Emeritus  
Jean-Luc Margot Associate Professor  
Robert McPherron Professor Emeritus
Jonathan Mitchell Assistant Professor
William Newman Professor
David Paige Professor
Gilles Peltzer Professor
Christopher Russell Professor
Hilke Schlichting Professor
Gerald Schubert Professor
Ray Walker Professor in Residence
Marco Velli Professor