Exploring Your Universe at UCLA

Posted on Oct. 27, 2020

Explore Your Universe at UCLA


UCLA’s largest science event went virtual!

NOVEMBER 1 2020, 12 - 5 pm PST


Scientists at UCLA brought interactive laboratories, demos, and Q&As right into people's own homes!

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What is EYU?

Exploring Your Universe (EYU) draws in thousands of children, parents, and friends from the Los Angeles community to our campus every year on the first Sunday in November. Organized by UCLA graduate students and run by volunteers, this science fair has been a tradition to provide a day of free science education to all. For 12 years, EYU provides fun, hands-on experiments and presentations to curious minds and young future scientists alike.

EYU 2020 was held virtually due to COVID-19, but still brought a day of fun, interactive science to families wherever they are.

Our virtual science fair offered activities for ages K-12 and beyond, including interactive booths with experiments to do at home, guided virtual science demonstrations, science talks, and "Ask a Scientist" Q&As. Our keynote speaker was 2020 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Andrea Ghez, a UCLA professor of astronomy, who will deliver a keynote speech titled "What is a black hole?". Subjects at this event included astronomy, chemistry, engineering, geology, math, statistics, physics, and more!


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Exploring Your Universe is made possible by the UCLA Division of Physical Sciences; the Mani L. Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics; the Campus Programs Committee of the UCLA Program Activities Board; the UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences; the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy; the UCLA Galactic Center Group; and the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.