A celebration of EPSS Professor Margaret Kivelson's career

Posted on March 20, 2018


Professor Kivelson is an accomplished scholar, mentor, and role model.  We were thrilled to celebrate her career with an event on campus on February 12, 2018.  We hope you enjoy the videorecording of the event, which includes Professor Kivelson's lecture on "Magnetic Structures in the Solar System".

Professor Kivelson has published over 350 peer-reviewed publications that have been cited by other researchers tens of thousands of times.  Because of the importance and impact of her scholarship, she has been elected to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.  She has received many other awards, the most recent of which is the Kuiper Prize of the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences.  This prize recognizes and honors outstanding contributors to planetary science.  One of Professor Kivelson's most fascinating discoveries is that a large moon of Jupiter, Europa, almost certainly has a global ocean underneath its icy shell.  This ocean may be three or four times as large as all of Earth's oceans, and it may be hospitable to certain life forms.  As a result of Prof. Kivelson's discovery, NASA is planning a flagship mission to explore Europa in detail. 

Professor Kivelson has been a role model and mentor to many.  She received her PhD in 1957 and joined UCLA in 1967, at a time when there were few women in science.  She has been a source of inspiration and support to many students.  Because we are so proud of Professor Kivelson's scientific contributions and impact as an instructor and role model, we would like to establish a graduate fellowship in her honor.  This fellowship will support the careers of outstanding graduate students in Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences.  Fellowships will honor the career of Professor Kivelson and her dedication to mentoring students in the sciences, including underrepresented students.  You can partner with us in establishing this fellowship by making a tax-deductible donation at this link.  Thank you for your support!


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