The 2010 Alumni Lecture

Posted on Sept. 21, 2010

Ed Warner is a noted philanthropist and conservationist. His career as an exploration geologist culminated in his discovery of Jonah Field and the first commercial exploitation of Pinedale Field next door in Sublette County, Wyoming. Jonah and Pinedale combined are the third largest gas accumulations discovered within the continental U.S.—possibly 50 trillion cubic feet of reserves. He is the 'father' of what is now the coalbed methane play, having developed the original project for Amoco Production Company in 1976 which led to the discovery and development of the Fruitland coal gas production in Blanco Field. He also drilled the first coalbed methane wells in the Powder River Basin, the Raton Basin, the Piceance Basin and the Green River Basin as part of the Amoco project.