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DateSpeaker, InstituteTitle
Sept. 30, 2016 Ana Piso - UCLA
Origins of Gas Giant Compositions: The Role of Disk Location and Dynamics
Oct. 7, 2016 Mathieu Lapotre - Caltech
Large wind ripples on Mars: A record of atmospheric evolution
Oct. 14, 2016 Alessandro Morbidelli - Nice Observatory
Solar System formation and evolution: hints on the origin of the diversity of planetary systems
Oct. 21, 2016 Erica Nesvold - Carnegie Institute of Washington
Debris Disks and Distant Perturbers: The Transient State of the HD 106906 Disk
Oct. 28, 2016 Tilman Spohn - Institute of Planetary Research, German Aerospace Center
Bi-stability of Earth and what life may have to do with it
Nov. 4, 2016 Melanie Barboni - UCLA
Early Formation of the Moon 4.52 billion years ago
Dec. 2, 2016 Björn Davidsson - JPL
Comet formation theories in the light of the Rosetta mission