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DateSpeaker, InstituteTitle
March 31, 2016 Ben Zuckerman - UCLA
Geochemistry by Telescope
April 14, 2016 Anat Shahar - Carnegie Institute - Geophysical Lab
Stable Isoptope Evidence for Planetary Differentiation
April 21, 2016 Workshop at UCLA
April 28, 2016 Walter Mooney - USGS
Evolution of the Afro-Arabian Rift
May 5, 2016 Jay Ague - YALE
Ultrafast Eclogite Formation: When Pressure Doesn’t Correspond to Depth During Subduction
May 12, 2016 Steve Mojzsis - University of Colorado
Thermal effects of impact bombardments on Noachian Mars
May 19, 2016 Marilyn Fogel -
Stable Isotopes in Amino Acids as Ecological Tools and Biosignatures
May 26, 2016 Roberta Rudnick - UCSB
Glacial Tillites and the Evolving Composition of the Upper Continental Crust
June 2, 2016 William B. McKinnon - Washington University in St. Louis
The Pluto-Charon System: Geology, Geophysics, and Origins