As of today, the professional outcomes of 181 alumni of UCLA's EPSS graduate program included:

  • 30 university professors
  • 56 research or staff scientists
  • 20 employed at NASA
  • 28 postdocs
  • 3 lecturers
  • 3 instructors
  • 9 PhD students
  • a variety of interesting positions in the private sector or in public service
Year Degree First Name Last Name Thesis Title Position Institution Advisor
2011 M.S. Sunshine Abbott A Search For Terrestrial Evidence Of The Late Heavy Bombardment PhD Student Imperial College Harrison
2007 PhD Angelo Antignano Apatite And Rutile Solubility In Water-Sodium Chloride And Silicate-Bearing Fluids At High Temperatures And Pressures: Implications For Metamorphic Fluids Technical Team Lead Exxon/Mobil Manning
2012 PhD Matthew Armentrout High Pressure And Temperature Equations Of State: A Tool For Insight Into Deep Earth Systems Postdoc University of California, Davis Kavner
2001 PhD Shirley Baher Subsurface Structures And The Relationship To Northridge Earthquake Damage In Santa Monica Geophysicist Air Force Technical Applications Center (FL) Davis
2013 PhD Elizabeth Bell The Hadean-Archean Transition: Constraints From The Jack Hills Detrital Zircon Record Postdoc UCLA Harrison
2007 PhD David Berube Using Ultra Low Frequency Field Line Resonances To Study The Inner Magnetosphere Assistant Professor Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles Moldwin
2008 PhD Natanya Black Fault Length, Multi-Fault Rupture, And Earthquakes In California Risk Analyst RMS Inc. Jackson
2016 PhD Patrick Boehnke A Tale of Two Earths: Reconciling the Lunar and Terrestrial Hadean Records T.C. Chamberlin Fellow University of Chicago Harrison
2016 MS M. Oliver Bowman Margot
2000 MS Jeremy Boyce Ar Diffusion In Quartz: Implications For Magma Residence Time Estimates Based On 40-Argon/39-Argon Ages Of Quartz Phenocrysts Planetary Scientist NASA Johnson Space Center Reid
2007 PhD Stephanie Briggs Structural, U-Th-Pb Geochronologic, Thermochronologic, Thermobarometric, And Geochemical Studies Of The Chinese Altai Ranges: Implications For The Phanerozoic Evolution Of The Central Asia... Project Geologist William Lettis and Associates, Augusta, Georgia Yin/Manning
2017 PhD Nathan Brown Using luminescence signals from bedrock feldspars for low-temperature thermochronology Postdoc UCLA Rhodes
2011 MS Sarah Byram Structural Analysis And Kinematic History Of The Southern White Mountains, Eastern California: Implications For Regional Tectonic History Geologist II Chesapeake Energy Yin
2011 PhD Michael Calkins Numerical Simulations Of Rapidly Rotating Boundary-Coupled Flows Research Associate University of Colorado, Boulder Aurnou
1990 PhD Rosemary Capo Application Of Strontium Isotopes To Late Cenozoic Paleoceanography And Stratigraphy Professor University of Pittsburg DePaolo/Ingersoll
2009 PhD Megan Cartwright The Origin, Evolution, And Geomagnetic Impact Of Small-Scale Solar Wind Flux Ropes Postdoc SSL, UC Berkeley Moldwin
2000 PhD Elizabeth Catlos Geochronologic And Thermobarometric Constraints On The Evolution Of The Main Central Thrust, Himalayan Orogen Associate Professor University of Texas, Austin Harrison
1989 PhD William Cavazza Petrology, Diagenesis, Sedimentology And Tectonics Of The Stilo-Capo D'Orlando Formation (Miocene), Southern Italy Professor Universita di Bologna Ingersoll
2015 PhD Jonathan Cheng Characterizing Heat Transfer Regimes in Geophysical Convection and Dynamo Systems Postdoc Eindhoven University of Technology Aurnou
2005 MS C.Y. (Queena) Chou Geochronology And Metamorphic Petrology Of The Eastern Himalaya Senior Geologist Consulting Company, Calgary Yin
2013 MS Diya Chowdhury Surface Processes And Deformation History Of The Eastern Tharsis Rise Region, Mars Research Scientist Applied GeoSolutions Yin/Peltzer
2015 PhD Xiangning Chu Configuration and Generation of Substorm Current Wedge McPherron
2011 PhD Sara Cina Evolution Of The Central Asian Orogenic System And Himalayan-Tibetan Orogen: Constraints From U-Th-Pb Geochronology, Thermobarometry, And Geochemistry Field Programs Coordinator Stanford Yin
2005 PhD Elizabeth Cochran Earthquake Rupture Initiation And Fault Structure: I. Triggering Of Earthquakes By Earth Tides II. Seismic Anisotropy Near The Hector Mine Rupture, III. Post-Seismic Displacements Observed With In SAR Research Geophysicist U.S. Geological Survey Vidale/Peltzer
2008 MS Clinton Colasanti An Experimental Study Of OH Solubility In Rutile At 500-900°C, 0.5-2 GPa, And A Range Of Oxygen Fugacities PhD student University of Munich Manning
2001 PhD Kari Cooper Time Scales Of Magma Generation, Differentiation, And Storage: Constraints From Uranium-230 - Radium-226 Disequilibria Associate Professor University of California, Davis Reid
2007 PhD Misa Cowee Mass-Loading Of The Jovian Magnetosphere By Io Scientific Staff Los Alamos National Laboratory Russell
2001 PhD Eric Cowgill Tectonic Evolution Of The Altyn Tagh-Western Kunlun Fault System, Northwestern China Associate Professor University of California, Davis Yin
1995 MS Peter Craig Cenozoic Development Of The Kuche Foreland Of The Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China Geologist Shell Oil Yin/Ingersoll
2015 PhD Carolyn Crow The Early Magmatic And Impact Histories Recorded By Apollo Zircons Postdoc Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory McKeegan
2010 MS Miguel Cruz Quartz Solubility In H2O-NaCl At 15-20 Kbar And 900-1100°C PhD Student Stanford University Manning
2016 PhD Ivy Curren Kinematic Evolution and Mechanisms of Strike-Slip Faulting in the Solar System: Insight from Analogue Experiments Postdoc Weizmann Institute of Science Yin
2006 PhD Andrew Czaja Characterization Of The Geochemical Alteration Of Permineralized Fossil Plants Based On Macromolecular Structure And Composition Assistant Professor University of Cincinnati Schopf
2004 PhD Jessica D'Andrea The Nyainqentanglha Shan Lecturer University of Arizona Harrison
2016 MS J.T. Daniels Mineralogic controls on the infrared stimulated luminescence of feldspars: an exploratory study of the effects of Al, Si order and composition on the behavior of a modified post-IR Rhodes
2009 PhD Simone de Leuw Manganese And Chromium Isotopes: Nebular Processes And Early Solar System Chronology Meteorite Collection Staff UCLA Wasson
1992 PhD Kathleen Devaney Provenance Evolution Of Upper Paleozoic Sandstones Of North-Central New Mexico Instructor El Paso Community College Ingersoll
1990 PhD David Diamond Structural And Sedimentologic Evolution Of An Extensional Orogen, Silver Peak Range And Adjacent Areas, West-central Nevada Geologist Berkley Livermore Labs Ingersoll
2006 MS Sara Difiori Tectonic Evolution And Lithospheric Deformation Of The Paredones Area, East-Central Baja California, Mexico Instructor El Camino Community College Axen/Ingersoll
2012 PhD Luis Dominguez-Ramirez Seismic Scattering In The Subduction Zone Of The Middle America Region Assistant Professor National Autonomous University of Mexico Davis
2011 PhD Kathryn Dyl Correlating Oxidation And Oxygen Isotopic Composition To Nebular And Parent Body Processes In Chondritic Meteorites Research Fellow Curtin University, Australia Young
2004 MS Daniel Eastmond Composition Of Modern Sand From The Sierra Nevada: Constraints On Actualistic Petrofacies Of Continental-Margin Magmatic Arcs Instructor Orange Coast Community College Ingersoll
2004 MS Kristin Ebert Exhumation History Of The Orocopia Schist And Development Of Hanging Wall Structures Of The Orocopia Fault, Southeastern California ExxonMobil Yin
2014 MS James Eguchi Experimental Determination Of Calcite Solubility In H2O-NaCl-KCl Solutions At 700°C And 8 Kbar PhD student Rice University Manning
2007 PhD Jean Elkhoury Time Scales Of Stresses In The Earth's Crust And Their Relevance To The Earthquake Process Postdoc University of California, Irvine Knopoff
1993 PhD Jeffery Fllipone Structural Evolution Of The Cordilleran Foreland Fold And Thrust Belt In Western Montana Senior Project Geologist Environmental Consulting Co. Yin
1991 MS Elizabeth Forshee Evolution Of A Large Landslide Complex In The Whipple Mountains, Eastern California Project Manager Union California Oil Co. Yin
2005 PhD Galen Fowler The Compression Of The Geo-Magnetosphere: A Physical Model And The Effects Of Compression Associate Booz, Allen, Hamilton, Inc. Russell
2014 PhD Christine Gabrielse Magnetospheric Particle Injections And Their Relation To Impulsive, Localized Electric Fields Assistant Researcher UCLA Angelopoulos
2009 PhD David Galvan Using Extreme Ultraviolet Images And Total Electron Content To Study The Earth's Plasmasphere Postdoc NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Moldwin
2012 PhD Ye Gao On The Response Of Polar Cap Dynamics To Its Solar Wind And Magnetotail Drivers At High Levels Of Geomagnetic Activity Postdoc University of Michigan Walker
2004 PhD Jennifer Garrison Magmatic Processes At Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador: Geochemical And Petrological Constraints, And Inferences For Continental Arc Volcanoes Assistant Professor California State University, Los Angeles Reid
2007 MS Yann Gavillot Tectonics Of The High Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt, Iran: Constraints On Spatial And Temporal Distribution Of Thrust Faulting Using (U-Th)/He Thermochronology Assistant Program Specialist, Global Earth Observation UNESCO Axen/Horton/Ingersoll
2009 PhD Yasong Ge Comparative Study On Dynamics Associated With Terrestrial And Jovian Substorms Research Scientist University of New Hampshire Russell
1993 PhD Jeffrey Geslin Evolution Of The Pennsylvanian-Permian Oquirrh-Wood River Basin, Southern Idaho Geologist Exxon Mobil Ingersoll
2001 MS Lisa Gilley Laboratory Manager University of Texas, Austin Harrison
2007 PhD Melissa Giovanni Tectonic And Thermal Evolution Of The Cordillera Blanca Detachment System, Peruvian Andes: Implications For Normal Faulting Assistant Professor University of Calgary Horton/Ingersoll
2017 PhD Alexander Grannan Experimental and Numerical Studies of Mechanically- and Convectively-Driven Turbulence in Planetary Interiors Aurnou
2002 PhD Janet Green Testing Relativistic Electron Acceleration Mechanisms Physicist NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, Boulder, CO Kivelson
2009 PhD Benjamin Greenhagen Thermal Emission Remote Sensing Of The Moon: Design And Development Of Diviner Lunar Radiometer Compositional Capabilities Scientist NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Paige
1993 PhD Marty Grove The Instability Of Rhabdophane And Its Unimportance In Monazite Paragenesis Chemical Geology Akers Professor Stanford Harrison
2004 PhD Bernard Guest The Thermal, Sedimentological, And Structural Evolution Of The Central Alborz Mountains Of Northern Iran: Implications For The Arabia-Eurasia Continent-Continent Collision And Collisional Processes... Assistant Professor University of Calgary Axen
2015 PhD Ellen Harju Aqueous Alteration And Silicon And Magnesium Isotope Measurements In Cr And Cv Chondrites Adjunct Faculty Pasadena City College McKeegan/Young
2008 PhD Rebecca Harrington The Effects Of Faulting Environment On The Seismic Source: Triggering, Source Parameter Relationships, And Energy Considerations Alexander Von Humboldt Postdoc Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Peltzer/Brodsky
2012 PhD Michael Hartinger Energy Transfer Via Solar Wind Driven Ultra Low Frequency Waves In The Earth's Magnetosphere Assistant Research Professor Virginia Tech. Angelopoulos
2007 MS Janet Harvey Mapping Active Fault Zones In Southern California Using Master Multispectral Imagery Data PhD Student Caltech Peltzer
2010 PhD Paul Hayne Snow Clouds On Mars And Ice On The Moon: Thermal Infrared Observations And Models Staff Scientist NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Paige
1992 PhD William Heins The Effect Of Climate And Topography On The Composition Of Modern, Plutoniclastic Sand Geologist Exxon Mobil Ingersoll
1997 MS Theresa Heirshberg Actualistic Petrofacies Analysis Of The Pliocene-Pleistocene Saugus Formation, Ventura Basin, Southern California: Implications For Provenance, Paleotectonics And Paleogeography Consulting Geologist Ingersoll
1994 PhD Matthew Heizler Geochronologist New Mexico Bureau of Geology Harrison
2006 PhD John Hernlund Dynamics Associated With Partial Melting In Earth's Uppermost And Lowermost Mantle And The Stucture And Phase Relationships In Earth's D" Layer Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology Tackley
2010 PhD Pamela Hill Effects Of Bond Environment On Equilibrium Iron Isotope Fractionation In Aqueous Iron Chloride And Iron Sulfide Solutions Postdoc UCLA Schauble
2007 PhD Andrew Hock Licancabur Volcano, Bolivia And Life In The Atacama: Environmental Physics And Analogies To Mars Senior Director, Advanced Technology Programs Skybox Imaging Paige
2009 MS Michelle Hopkins Constraints On Hadean Geodynamics From Mineral Inclusions In >4 Ga Zircons PhD Student University of Colorado Harrison
2012 MS Johanna Hoyt Provenance And Detrital-Zircon Studies Of The Mint Canyon Formation And Its Correlation To The Caliente Formation, Southern California Geologist Aera Energy LLC. Ingersoll
2001 PhD Tung-Shin Hsu Statistical Evaluations Of The Associations Between IMF Triggering And Substorm Expansion Phase Onset Research Geophysicist UCLA McPherron
2013 MS Michael Huh Experimental Determination Of Fluorine And Hydrogen Partitioning Between Apatite And Basaltic Melt Specialist Arizona State University Manning
2011 PhD Jonathan Hunt The Silica-Water System Through Raman Spectroscopy, Solubility Measurements, And Thermodynamic Modeling Senior Associate ENVIRON Schauble
2008 PhD Allen Husker Tomography Of The Subducting Cocos Plate In Central Mexico Using Data From The Installation Of A Prototype Wireless Seismic Network: Images Of A Truncated Slab Associate Investigator Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Davis
2017 PhD Junko Isa Understanding Planetesimal Evolution: Bulk Chemistry, Petrology, and O-Isotope Studies of the Rumuruti Chondrite Group Wasson
2007 PhD Elizabeth Jensen High Frequency Faraday Rotation Observations Of The Solar Corona Associate Research Scientist Planetary Science Institute Russell
2009 PhD Xianzhe Jia Ganymede's Magnetosphere: Observations And Modeling Research Scientist University of Michigan Walker
2008 PhD Lan Jian Radial Evolution Of Large-Scale Solar Wind Structures Research Scientist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Russell
1996 MS Robert Johnston Structural Geology Of The Uinta Fault Zone, Utah Senior Geologist ExxonMobil Yin
2010 PhD Steven Joy The Jovian Magnetosheath: Factors Influencing The Size, Shape, And Mirror Mode Content And Distribution Manager, Dawn Science Center UCLA Kivelson
2001 PhD Paul Kapp Tectonic Evolution Of The Qiangtang Terrane And Bangong-Nujiang Suture Zone, Central Tibet Professor University of Arizona Yin/Manning/Harrison
2001 PhD Jessica Kapp The Nyainqentanglha Shan: A Window Into The Tectonic, Thermal And Geochemical Evolution Of The Lhasa Block, Southern Tibet Senior Lecturer University of Arizona Yin/Manning/Harrison
2000 PhD Thomas Kelty Quantifying Relationships Between Sedimentary Facies And Permeability Structures Associate Professor California Sate University, Long Beach Yin
2001 PhD Emil Kepko Transient Convection In The Earth's Magnetosphere And The Generation Of Pi 2 Pulsations Research Astrophysicist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Kivelson
2009 PhD Eric King An Investigation Of Planetary Convection: The Role Of Boundary Layers Postdoc Miller Institute, UC Berkeley Aurnou
2012 PhD Jennifer Kissinger Statistical Behavior Of Quasi-Steady Balanced Reconnection In Earth's Magnetosphere Postdoc NASA Goddard Space Flight Center McPherron
2014 PhD Hairong Lai Interplanetary Field Enhancements: The Interaction Between Solar Wind And Interplanetary Dusty Plasma Released By Interplanetary Collisions Assistant Researcher UCLA Russell
1995 MS Elizabeth Large Miocene And Pliocene Sandstone Petrofacies Of The Northern Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico Consulting Geologist Ingersoll
2010 PhD Codi Lazar Geochemistry Of Reduced Fluids: Alloys, Methane, And Serpentinization Assistant Professor Cal State San Bernardino Manning
2014 PhD Justin Lee Growth And Evolution Of Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves In The Presence Of Multiple Ion Species In The Earth's Magnetosphere Researcher The Aerospace Corporation Angelopoulos
2009 PhD Jared Leisner Dynamic And Kinetic Plasma Processes At Saturn Senior Scientist NASA Planetary Science Division Russell
2014 PhD Shanshan Li On The Generation And Expulsion Of Plasmoids In Earth's Magnetotail Intern Transamerica Corp. Angelopoulos
1991 PhD Anne Linn Isotopic And Geochemical Stratigraphy And Paleotectonic Analysis: Mesozoic Great Valley Forearc Basin Of California Other National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine DePaolo/Ingersoll
2008 PhD Ming-Chang Liu Short-Lived Radionuclides And Early Solar System Chronology -- A Hibonite Perspective Specialist UCLA McKeegan
2003 PhD Zhen Liu Numeric Modeling And Analysis Of Neotectonics In New Zealand - An Integrated Study Of Faults, Lithosphere Dynamics, Continental Collision And Orogeny, And Coupling Of Surface Erosion . . . Scientist, Solid Earth Group NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Bird
2013 PhD Jiang Liu The Role Of Dipolarizing Flux Bundles In Magnetotail Dynamics Assistant Researcher UCLA Angelopoulos
2011 MS Robert Lovdahl Structural Analyses Of Central Candor Chasma, Mars And Implications For A Tectonic Origin Senior Staff Geologist TRC Companies, Inc. Yin
2012 PhD Catherine Macris Geochemical And Petrological Investigations Into Mantle Minerals From Experiments And Natural Samples Postdoc Caltech Manning/Young
1996 PhD Keith Mahon Distinguished Geological Advisor Anadarko Petroleum Harrison
2011 PhD Michael McRivette The Tectonic Evolution Of The Eastern Kunlun Range And The Central Tibetan Plateau, China Assistant Professor Albion College Yin
2006 PhD Carrie Menold The Tectonic And Metamorphic Evolution Of The North Qaidam Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Terrane, Western China Assistant Professor Albion College Manning/Yin
2015 MS John Mering New constraints on water temperature at Lake Bonneville from carbonate clumped isotopes PhD student University of Waikato Tripati
2011 PhD Colleen Milbury Significance And Implications Of Mars' Crustal Magnetization Postdoc Purdue University Schubert
2004 PhD Michael Mischna Orgin And Evolution Of Volatiles On Mars Group Supervisor NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Paige
1996 MS Connie Mongold Provenance And Paleotectonic Implications Of Upper Miocene, Pliocene, And Lower Pleistocene Sandstones Of The Los Angeles And Ventura Basins, Southern California Geologist Aera Energy LLC. Ingersoll
2007 MS Jesse Mosolf The Detrital Record Of Rapid Neogene Exhumation Of The Cordillera Real, Bolivia Assistant Research Geologist & Rock Lab Manager Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Horton/Ingersoll
2002 PhD Tamatha Mulligan The Structure Of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections And Their Solar Origins Research Scientist Aerospace Corporation Russell
2000 PhD Michael Murphy Tectonic Evolution Of Southwest Tibet Associate Professor University of Houston Yin
2007 MS Bryan Murray Sedimentology, Provenance, And Basin Development Of The Synorogenic Penas And Aranjuez Formations, Northern Altiplano, Bolivia PhD Student University of California, Santa Barbara Horton/Ingersoll
2015 PhD Shantanu Naidu Dynamics Of Satellites In Binary Near-Earth Asteroid Systems: A Study Based On Radar Observations Postdoc NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Margot
1991 MS Adam Norris Structural Geology Of The Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming Senior Project Geologist Geoscience Support Service Yin
2013 PhD Carolyn Nugent Solar Radiation And Near-Earth Asteroids: Thermophysical Modeling And New Measurements Of The Yarkovsky Effect Postdoc NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Margot
2015 MS Sarah Nymeyer Teacher Florida Jewitt
2001 PhD Thomas O'Brien Empirical Analysis Of Storm-Time Energetic Electron Enhancements Aerospace Corporation McPherron
1990 PhD Bonnie Packer Sedimentology, Paleontology, And Stable-Isotope Geochemistry Of Selected Formations In The 2.7-Billion-Year-Old Fortescue Group, Western Australia Geologist US Army Ingersoll
2014 PhD Sebastiano Padovan Investigation Of The Interior Of Mercury Through The Study Of Its Gravity, Topography, And Tidal Response Postdoc DLR Berlin Margot
2016 PhD Sarah Palaich Carbon in the Deep Earth: A Mineral Physics Perspective Teacher Colorado Kavner
2009 PhD Jennifer Palguta Hydrothermal Circulation And Geochemical Processing On Carbonaceous Chondrite Parent Bodies Research Staff Institute for Defense Analyses Schubert
2002 PhD Asmin Pathare The Morphological Evolution Of The Martian Polar Layered Deposits Research Scientist Planetary Science Institute Paige
1994 PhD Ernest Paylor Laramide Structural Evolution Of The Owls Creek Strike-Slip Fault Duplex System In Wyoming President WorldTech International, LLC Focusing on advanced and emerging technology-related consulting, and VP and CTO of WorldTech Inc. Yin
2017 MS Napoleon Pempena Experimental determination of quartz solubility in KCl-H2O solutions at 7.5 and 10 kbar and 600-800°C Manning
2002 PhD Steven Persh Seismic Investigations Of Core-Mantle Boundary Structure And Source Properties Of Deep-Focus Earthquakes Raytheon Vidale
2013 PhD Daniel Petrizzo Development Of Carbonate Clumped-Isotope Paleothermometry For Application To Paleozoic Fossils Postdoc NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Runnegar
2001 PhD Ann-Sophie Provost The San Adreas Fault: A State Of Stress Analysis In Central And Northern California Vidale
2014 PhD Emma Rainey The Thermal Conductivity Of The Earth'S Lower Mantle And Implications For Heat Flow At The Core-Mantle Boundary Senior Professional Staff JHU Applied Physics Lab Kavner
2015 PhD Jodie Ream Identifying the Magnetospheric Source of Pi2 Pulsations Using Global MHD Simulations Adjunct Professor Utah Valley University Walker, Ashour-Abdallah
2013 MS Robin Reith Structural Geology Of A Central Segment Of The Qilian Shan-Nan Shan Thrust Belt: Implications For The Magnitude Of Cenozoic Shortening In The Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Geologist Ormat Technologies, Inc. Yin
2005 PhD Alexander Robinson Tectonic Evolution Of The Kongur Shan Extensional System, Northeastern Pamir: Implications For The Evolution Of The Western Himalayan-Tibetan Orogen Assistant Professor University of Houston Yin/Manning
2012 MS Belinda Roder Assessing The Potential For Luminescence Dating In The Mojave Desert, California Geologist CH2M HILL Rhodes
2002 PhD Yufang Rong Evaluation Of Earthquake Potential In China Senior Research Scientist FMGlobal Corporation Jackson
2003 MS David Rothstein Metamorphism And Denudation Of The Eastern Peninsular Ranges Batholith, Baja California Norte, Mexico Self employed business owner Manning
2003 MS Kurt Rucker Geologist Pioneer Natural Resources Bird
1998 PhD Peter Rumelhart Sedimentation And Tectonic History Of The Altyn Tagh Fault Africa New Opportunities Project Manager Exxon Mobil Yin/Ingersoll
2010 PhD Britney Schmidt Characterizing The Protoplanets : Observations And Geophysics Of Pallas, Vesta And Ceres Assistant Professor Georgia Tech Russell
2015 PhD Jennifer Scully Surface Processes And Geological Evolution Of Vesta Postdoc NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Yin
2008 PhD Anat Shahar Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Fractionation Mechanisms: From Dust To Planets Staff Scientist Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington Young/Manning
2015 MS Chris Shi Documentation of stem anatomy of the Eocene fern, Denstaedtiopsis aerenchymata (Dennsteadtiaceae) by use of confocal laser scanning microscopy ... Schopf
1990 MS Paul Short Petrofacies And Provenance Of The Great Valley Group, Southern Klamath Mountains And Northern Sacramento Valley Other Ingersoll
2012 PhD Matthew Siegler Evolution Of Temperature-Driven Stability Of Ice On The Moon Staff Scientist NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Paige
2007 PhD Justin Simon High Resolution Geochronology: From Planetary Progenitors To Terrestrial Rhyolites Planetary Scientist NASA Johnson Space Center Young
2011 PhD Rachel Smith High-Resolution Near-Infrared Observations Toward Protostellar Objects As Proxies For Solar System Chemical Evolution Assistant Professor Appalachian State University Young
2016 PhD Christopher Snead Ion Probe Measurements of Comet Dust: Investigating Oxygen Isotope heterogeneity in the Solar System Assistant Professor of Practice Texas State University, San Marcos McKeegan
2011 PhD Krista Soderlund Investigating Transitions In Planetary Dynamo Models Postdoc University of Texas, Austin Aurnou
2010 MS Claire Spafford Provenance Implications Of Sandstone Petrology And Detrital-Zircon Analysis Of The Mid-Cenozoic Sespe Formation, Coastal Southern California PhD Student University of Michigan Ingersoll
1998 MS Matt Spurlin Structural Geology Of The Nangqian-Yushu Thrust Belt In Northwestern Tibet Senior Geologist Environmental Consulting Co. Yin
2013 MS Dallon Stang Provenance, Offset Equivalent And Palinspastic Reconstruction Of The Miocene Cajon Valley Formation, Southern California Geologist Aera Energy LLC. Ingersoll
2012 PhD Rachel Stevenson The Aftermath Of The Largest Cometary Outburst In Recorded History - An In-Depth Study Of Comet 17P/Holmes Postdoc NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Jewitt
2014 PhD Anne Strader The Effects Of Static Coulomb Stress Change On Southern California Earthquake Forecasting Postdoc UCLA Jackson
2015 PhD Igor Stubailo Seismic Anisotropy Below Mexico And Its Implications For Mantle Dynamics Research Engineer Caltech Davis
1990 MS Mark Sutherland Petrology and Provenance of Miocene Sedimentary Rocks, Point Sur, California: Implications for Offset along the San Gregorio-Hosgri Fault Zone Professor College of DuPage Hall/Ingersoll
2004 PhD Michael Taylor The Neotectonic Setting Of Conjugate Strike-Slip Faults In Central Tibet Assistant Professor University of Kansas Yin
2004 PhD Scott Thompson Magnetotail Current Sheet Structure And Dynamics From Multi-Point Spacecraft Measurements Senior Member of the Technical Staff Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Kivelson
2010 PhD Jelena Tomic Observations And Modeling Of The Current Deformation In Afar Using SAR Interferometry Researcher ExxonMobil Peltzer
2007 PhD Abhishek Tripathi Three-Dimensional Confocal Imagery And Spectral Analysis Of Ancient Cellularly Preserved Fossils Manager, Human Certification SpaceX Schopf
2007 PhD Robert Troy Field Studies Of Ice Supersaturations In The Tropical Tropopause Layer Technical Staff NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Russell
2004 PhD Jorge Vazquez Time Scales Of Silicic Magma Storage And Differentiation Beneath Caldera Volcanoes From Uranium-238-Thorium-230 Disequilibrium Dating Of Zircon And Allanite Staff Scientist US Geological Survey Reid
2012 PhD Marissa Vogt The Structure And Dynamics Of Jupiter's Magnetosphere Postdoc University of Leicester Kivelson
2017 PhD Matthew Walker Insert Tidal Here: A Planetary Evolution Cookbook Postdoc Arizona State University Mitchell
2003 PhD Yong Li Wang The Plasma Depletion Layer Research Scientist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Russell
2010 PhD Qi Wang Analysis And Modeling Of Earthquake Interaction Risk Management Analyst AIG Corporation Jackson
2015 PhD Jessica Watkins Tectonic and Aqueous Processes in the Formation of Mass-wasting Features on Mars and Earth Astronaut Candidate NASA Yin
2007 PhD Alexander Webb Contractional And Extensional Tectonics During The India-Asia Collision Assistant Professor Louisiana State University Yin
2016 PhD Deborah Weiser Maximum Magnitude and Probabilities of Induced Earthquakes in California Geothermal Fields: Applications for a Science-Based Decision Framework Customer Success Engineer One Concern Jackson
2008 PhD Maximillian Werner On The Fluctuations Of Seismicity And Uncertainties In Earthquake Catalogs: Implications And Methods For Hypothesis Testing Lecturer University of Bristol Jackson
1998 MS Patricia Weston Temperature, Timing Anf Fluid Composition Constraints For High Temperature Fracturing And Hydrous Mineral Formation In Gabbros From Hess Deep Manning
2014 PhD Matt Wielicki Developing Zircon As A Probe Of Planetary Impact History Postdoc UCLA Harrison
2005 PhD Jean-Pierre Williams Geological And Geodynamical Studies Of The Origin And History Of The Tharsis And Valles Marineris Regions Of Mars Researcher UCLA Paige
2013 MS Evan Wolf Quaternary Deformation Of The Middle Pleistocene Christmas Canyon Formation And Its Implications For Neotectonic Processes Associated With The Garlock Fault And Eastern California Shear Zone. Rhodes
2014 MS Wan Ning "Winnie" Wu Development of baddeleyite as a chronometer for recent silica-undersaturated lavas Adjunct Professor Long Beach City College Axel K. Schmitt
2003 PhD Shunxing Xie Constraints On Mantle Structure From Geochemistry, Seismology, And Mixing Studies: A Numerical Investigation Of The Compositional Heterogeneity In The Earth's Mantle Principal Engineer/Software Architect ReachLocal Tackley
2004 PhD Zhenjiang Yu Spacecraft Magnetic Field Observations As A Probe Of Planetary Interiors - Methodology And Application To Jupiter And Saturn Russell/Walker
2014 PhD Kaiqing Yuan Modeling Three-Dimensional Upper Mantle Seismic Anisotropy With Higher Mode Surface Waves Postdoc UC Berkeley Beghein
1989 MS Christian Zarn Structural Geology Of Glacier National Park, Western Montana Senior Project Geologist Consulting Company, southern California Yin
2014 PhD Xiaojia Zhang Excitation Of Electron Cyclotron Harmonic Waves In Earth's Magnetotail Assistant Researcher UCLA Angelopoulos
2000 PhD Xiaowen Zhou The Configuration Of The High Altitude, High Latitude Magnetosphere Russell
2016 PhD Andrew Zuza Tectonic Evolution of the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Assistant Professor University of Nevada, Reno Yin