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Research Areas

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Geology and Tectonics

Geologic & tectonic research at UCLA follows a tradition of excellence in the study of the growth and demise of mountain belts, basin analysis, remote sensing, and surficial processes. Our faculty and researchers combine …

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UCLA paleontologists are involved in projects spanning the entire fossil record, from the original of life to recent speciation events. Faculty and students are documenting extraordinarily slow rates of evolution among cyanobacteria; establishing and revising …

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Our faculty are internationally recognized as some of the foremost authorities on fault mechanics, earthquake forecasting, seismic imaging, and deep earth structure. Field areas range from downtown Los Angeles to remote Siberia. Within UCLA, we …

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Planetary Science

UCLA faculty study the dynamics and physical properties of the interiors, surfaces, and atmospheres of Earth, planets, moons, and other solar system objects. We investigate the convective motions in planetary mantles and cores, the links …

photo for Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry research area
Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry

UCLA geochemists and cosmochemists explore chemical processes at scales ranging from atoms, molecules and unit cells to plate boundaries, mountain belts, whole planets, and the solar system. We seek to understand the origin of our …

photo for Space Physics research area
Space Physics

UCLA is recognized internationally as a leader in the plasma physics of space. Research done by the space physics group includes data analysis, simulation, modeling, and theoretical plasma physics. Topics of interest include the dynamics …