UCLA faculty study the dynamics and physical properties of the interiors, surfaces, and atmospheres of Earth, planets, moons, and other solar system objects. We investigate the convective motions in planetary mantles and cores, the links between the microscopic-scale structure of minerals and planetary scale processes, models of plate dynamics at a range of scales, and the atmospheric, surface, and interior processes in the solar system as revealed by spacecraft missions and ground-based telescopes.

Faculty in Planetary Science

Title Position Email Address
Jonathan Aurnou Professor
Mackenzie Day Assistant Professor
David Jewitt Distinguished Professor
Abby Kavner Professor
Margaret Kivelson Professor Emerita
Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni Professor - Louis B. and Martha B. Slichter Endowed Chair in Geosciences
Jean-Luc Margot Professor
Kevin McKeegan Distinguished Professor
Jonathan Mitchell Associate Professor
Seulgi Moon Assistant Professor
William Newman Professor
David Paige Professor
Christopher Russell Distinguished Professor
Hilke Schlichting Associate Professor
Gerald Schubert Professor Emeritus
Lars Stixrude Professor
Marco Velli Professor
Edward Young Professor