Alumni Lecture 2014 - Alan Harris

This year, the EPSS distinguished alumni lecturer is Alan Harris, M.S. '67, Ph.D. '75. His lecture is titled “Hunting for Killer Asteroids, the Past, Present and Future of Near-Earth Asteroid Surveys” will be held on October 9th, 2014 6:30PM at the Court of Sciences 76.

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ELFIN - Students Satellite

To conduct research on “space weather,” an enterprising group of UCLA undergraduates is manufacturing the first satellite built entirely on the UCLA campus.

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Greetings from the Chairman

In the Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, we seek to understand the Earth and the planets. Our students, researchers, and faculty tackle a wide range of problems, from the Sun to the most distant planets, and from the center of the Earth to the tenuous ionized gases of the solar wind. We probe the interior of the Earth using seismic data, laboratory measurements, and computer modeling. We study both the ancient tectonics of the Earth and its ongoing activity. We explore Earth's upper atmosphere using spacecraft to measure magnetic fields and plasmas. Moving outward from Earth, we study other planets, their interiors, surfaces, atmospheres, and particle and field environments.

--Kevin McKeegan

Upcoming Events

ESS 295A - EPSS Colloquium

Title: Space, energy, time: a closer look at minerals at extreme conditions
Date: Oct. 2, 2014
Time: 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Speaker: Wendy Mao

ESS 235A - Geocheminar

Title: High-pressure studies of dolomite, aragonite and CO2: a look at carbon in the deep Earth
Date: Oct. 7, 2014
Time: noon - 1 p.m.
Speaker: Sarah Palaich

ESS 245A - Tectonics Seminar

Title: Water storage variations in California, Oregon and Washington inferred from GPS observation of loadi
Date: Oct. 8, 2014
Time: noon - 1 p.m.
Speaker: Yuning Fu

News and Announcements

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9/02/2014 - Adjunct Position in Geology

The UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences is recruiting an assistant adjunct professor to each geologic mapping. Please ...

8/21/2014 - Faculty Position in Geology

The Department of Earth, Planetary & Space Sciences seeks an assistant professor in geology. We encourage applicants from all sub-disciplines of ...