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Nitrogen chemistry in Earth’s atmosphere

Courtesy of ISS Expedition 7 Crew, EOL, NASA

Researchers found that the Earth’s atmosphere contains more of a rare nitrogen molecule than can be accounted for by geochemical processes ...

2017 Newsletter available online

Posted on Dec. 7, 2017

The Fall 2017 edition of the EPSS newsletter is available online. It includes many stories that describe our activities over the past few months. Happy reading!

This article was originally published here.

You can learn more about U1 on Prof. Jewitt's site here

A Familiar-Looking Messenger from Another Solar System

The visit of the interstellar interloper 1I/2017 U1, recently ...

Dr. Mackenzie Day, a sedimentary geologist and planetary scientist, will join EPSS as an assistant professor in July, 2018. Mackenzie received her BS in geology from Caltech and completed her PhD at the University of ...

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Using Argonne's Mira supercomputer, researchers are developing advanced models to study magnetic field generation on the Earth, Jupiter, and the Sun at an unprecedented level of detail. A ...