4/7/2017 - Elusive Earths: Taking the Galactic Exoplanet Census


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Geology 3814

Presented By:
Jessie Christiansen - Caltech


Elusive Earths: Taking the Galactic Exoplanet Census

Measuring the occurrence rate of extrasolar planets is one of the most fundamental constraints on our understanding of planets throughout the Galaxy. By studying planet populations across a wide parameter space in stellar age, type, metallicity, and multiplicity, we can inform planet formation, migration and evolution theories. The NASA Kepler mission was a space-based survey for transiting exoplanets, primarily focussed on measuring the occurrence rates of Earth-like planets orbiting Sun-like stars. I will describe our ongoing efforts to catalogue the exoplanets in the Kepler field, including characterizing the survey completeness and reliability, and summarize our progress towards measuring robust occurrence rates. I will also describe the opportunity afforded by the NASA K2 mission, the successor to the Kepler mission, to expand occurrence rate calculations into a wider stellar parameter space.

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