5/26/2017 - Comet-like Objects in the Solar System: Active Asteroids and


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Geology 3814

Presented By:
Yoonyoung Kim - Seoul National University


Some asteroids show comet-like activity, while some comets become dormant or extinct and look like asteroids. Representing the dormant comet study, I will present an effort to dig out dormant comets in the list of known asteroids and diagnose their physical and dynamical properties. As one of the active asteroid studies, I will present a new dust modeling analysis on active asteroid P/2010 A2, which was successful to reproduce the morphological evolution of the dust cloud over seven years. Interestingly, no object has been detected at the dust ejection point of this model in any observations. This result suggests that the precursor asteroid was shattered by an impact, leaving only the debris cloud.

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