No. Course Title Instructor
EPSS 001 Introduction to Earth Sciences Edward Rhodes
EPSS 003 Astrobiology Jean-Luc Margot
Bruce Runnegar
EPSS 008 Earthquakes Caroline Beghein
EPSS 009 Solar System and Planets David Jewitt
EPSS 015 Introduction to Oceanography Edwin Schauble
EPSS 019 Fiat Lux: Rock Whispering and Extreme Climates Aradhna E. Tripati
EPSS 019 Fiat Lux: Geological Beauty of Yosemite Valley An Yin
EPSS 051 Mineralogy Axel Schmitt
EPSS 103B Sedimentary Petrology Raymond Ingersoll
EPSS 107 Geochemistry John Wasson
EPSS 112 Structural Geology Sinan Akciz
EPSS 150 Remote Sensing Gilles Peltzer
EPSS 193A Journal Club Aradhna E. Tripati
EPSS 194A Martian Surface and Atmosphere David Paige
EPSS 194Y Space Plasma Physics Margaret Kivelson
EPSS 199 Directed Research An Yin
EPSS 200A Solid Earth and Planets Abby Kavner