No. Course Title Instructor
EPSS 001 Introduction to Earth Science
EPSS 003 Astrobiology Jean-Luc Margot
Tina Treude
EPSS 009 Solar System and Planets Edward Young
EPSS 010 Exploring Mars, Red Planet David Paige
EPSS 015 Blue Planet: Introduction to Oceanography Aradhna E. Tripati
EPSS 051 Mineralogy: Earth and Planetary Materials Abby Kavner
EPSS 061 Geologic Maps Sinan Akciz
EPSS 071 Introduction to Computing for Geoscientists Jonathan Aurnou
EPSS 008 00Earthquakes Paul Davis
EPSS 016 Major Events in History of Life
EPSS 019 FIAT LUX: Digging My Arduino Jonathan Aurnou
EPSS 101 Earth's Energy: Diminishing Fossil Resources and Prospects for Sustainable Future David Paige
EPSS 101A Igneous Petrology Mark Harrison
EPSS C106 Physical Geochemistry Craig Manning
EPSS 112 Structural Geology Sinan Akciz
EPSS C113 Biological and Environmental Geochemistry Edwin Schauble
EPSS C114 Aqua Geomicrobio Tina Treude
EPSS 116 Paleontology Bruce Runnegar
EPSS 119 Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Abby Kavner
EPSS 136A Applied Geophysics Lingsen Meng
EPSS 139 Engineering and Environmental Geology Sinan Akciz
EPSS M140 Introduction to Fluid Dynamics Jonathan Aurnou
EPSS 154 Solar Terrestrial Physics Christopher Russell
EPSS C206 Physical Geochemistry Craig Manning
EPSS C213 Bio & Environ Geochem Edwin Schauble
EPSS C214 Aqua Geomicrobio Tina Treude
EPSS 156 Introduction to Space Plasma Physics Marco Velli