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EPSS Welcomes two new assistant professors - Dr. Hao Cao and Dr. Peng Ni

EPSS Assistant professor, Hao Cao standing with arms crossed in front of trees at UCLA
Hao Cao

Dr. Cao's research focuses on the interior structure, dynamics, and evolution of planetary bodies, emphasizing that planetary magnetic fields are essential for understanding the host planets. His research experience encompasses space magnetometer data analysis, analytical and numerical magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) modeling of planetary dynamos, and theoretical calculation of planetary gravity fields. He is a member of the Cassini magnetometer (MAG) team, a member of the Juno Interior Working Group, and a Co-Investigator of the JUICE MAG team.

EPSS Assistant professor, Peng Ni standing with arms crossed on a wooded background
Peng Ni

Dr. Ni is an experimental planetary scientist specializing in the application of isotopes as tracers of physicochemical processes that shape bodies in our Solar System. He works at the interface between experimental petrology and isotope geochemistry and cosmochemistry, with projects ranging from the chemistry of planetesimal metal cores to the formation and evolution of the Moon.

Posted on Aug. 23, 2022