Media coverage of Jean-Luc Margot's Planet Definition Proposal

Posted on Nov. 13, 2015

Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Professor, Dr. Jean-Luc Margot has generated interest all over the world regarding a recent publication he made that helps with the current definition of a planet. His proposed selection criteria simplifies and extends the International Astronomical Union (IAU)’s definition for planets and brilliantly categorizes exoplanets as well. Margot’s publication in the Astronomical Journal titled 'A Quantitative Criterion For Defining Planets’ can be found here:

There have been news articles written by various sources on Margot's publication which can be seen below. Congratulations to him for generating such interest all over the world in the scientific and public community alike! Pictured is Dr. Jean-Luc Margot as he delivers his talk titled ‘What Makes a Planet?’ at the 47th Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) Meeting in National Harbor, Maryland on 13 November 2015.

Jean-Luc Margot at the 2015 DPS Meeting


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