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Lost and Found SOP

Lost and Found


Any found item, please see Nanette or a student worker in room 3806.   All found items will be recorded, tagged, filed and kept.  We will do our best to return all found items to its rightful owner.  All unclaimed items will be sent to UCPD after 90 days.  See below for UCPD policy regarding turned over items:

“Please note that found items are held at the Police Department or at an officially designated satellite center for 90 days, after which time UCPD disposes of them Unclaimed items may be auctioned or discarded. While UCPD will make efforts to identify and contact the owner of property that has been turned in, please note that we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items in our possession.”

Reporting lost items, please see Nanette or a student worker in room 3806. We will maintain a record of all items reported lost.   We will need a description and/or photo (if possible) of the lost item.  We will also need the individuals contact information.  We recommend to also report your lost item to UCPD.  UCPD also keeps a database of found items and this will increase your chances of getting your item back.  Please go to to fill out the forms. 


created on: Aug. 2, 2023, 11 a.m.