EPSS membership in Academies and Societies

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

American Association for the Advancement of Science


David Jewitt
Ian Kaplan
Jean-Luc Margot

American Geophysical Union

American Philosophical Society

American Society of Civil Engineers

Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists

AEG is the acknowledged international leader in environmental and engineering geology, and is greatly respected for its stewardship of the profession. AEG offers information on environmental and engineering geology useful to practitioners, scientists, students, and the public. Other geosciences organizations recognize the value of using and sharing AEG's outstanding resources.



Sean Ahdi

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute is the leading non-profit membership organization dedicated to understanding earthquake risk and increasing earthquake resilience in communities worldwide. Our diverse multidisciplinary membership includes researchers, practitioners, and students in engineering, geoscience, social science, architecture, planning, government, emergency management, public health, and policy making. EERI has been bringing people and disciplines together since 1948.



Sean Ahdi

Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society

The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) is an applied scientific organization founded in 1992. OUR MISSION: To promote the science of geophysics especially as it is applied to environmental and engineering problems; to foster common scientific interests of geophysicists and their colleagues in other related sciences and engineering; to maintain a high professional standing among its members; and to promote fellowship and cooperation among persons interested in the science.



Sean Ahdi

Geochemical Society

Geological Society of America

Guggenheim Fellowship

Meteoritical Society

National Academy of Sciences

Seismological Society of America

The Seismological Society of America (SSA) was born in the aftershocks of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, as engineers, mathematicians and geologists united to learn more about the devastating event. From these earliest days, SSA has been committed to the science of seismology and sharing research with the public to help build an earthquake-aware world. While the home base for our nonprofit organization remains in California, more than 40 percent of our 2,800 members live and work outside the U.S.



Sean Ahdi