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DateSpeaker, InstituteTitle
Oct. 2, 2015 Ying Zou - UCLA AOS
Polar Cap Precursor of Nightside Meso-scale Auroral Enhancements
Oct. 9, 2015 Paul Tenfjord - University of Bergen, Birkeland Centre for Space Science, Norway
Impact of the azimuthal component (By) of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) ...
Oct. 16, 2015 John Linker - Predictive Science, Inc, San Diego
Coronal Hole Evolution and the Slow Solar Wind
Oct. 23, 2015 Bob Strangeway - UCLA IGPP
Initial Observations from the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission
Oct. 30, 2015 Xing Meng - JPL
The terrestrial ionosphere driven from above and from below: a modeling experience
Nov. 6, 2015 Madhulika Guhathakurta - NASA Ames
Interplanetary Space Weather: A New Paradigm
Nov. 13, 2015 Desheng Han - Polar Research Institute, China
Introduction to observations on upper atmospheric physics...
Nov. 20, 2015 Paulett Liewer - JPL
Observations and Analysis of the Non-Radial Propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections near the Sun ...
Dec. 4, 2015 Jiong Qiu - University of Montana
Probing Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flare Observations
Dec. 11, 2015 Fulvia Pucci - University of Rome and Visiting Graduate Researcher, UCLA
Fast tearing: the transition to kinetic effects