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DateSpeaker, InstituteTitle
April 7, 2017 Jessie Christiansen - Caltech
Elusive Earths: Taking the Galactic Exoplanet Census
April 14, 2017 Joseph O’Rourke - Caltech
Generating Magnetic Fields in Earth, Venus, and Super-Earth Exoplanets
April 21, 2017 Peter Martin - Caltech
A Young K-Ar Age of Jarosite in Gale Crater, Mars
April 28, 2017 Lucio Mayer - University of Zurich
Challenges in computational planet formation; from disk instability to planetesimal formation
May 5, 2017 Thomas Navarro - UCLA
Understanding Mars and Venus with a Global Climate Model
May 12, 2017 Marta Bryan - Caltech
Lurking in the Shadows: Long Period Gas Giant Planets as Tracers of Planet Formation
May 26, 2017 Yoonyoung Kim - Seoul National University
Comet-like Objects in the Solar System: Active Asteroids and
June 2, 2017 Prof. Geoff Blake - Caltech
Snow Lines in Gas Rich Protoplanetary Disks and the Delivery of Volatiles to Planetary Surfaces
June 9, 2017 Chad Trujillo - Northern Arizona University
Planet X to be Discovered This Fall? Observational and Dynamical Constraints