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DateSpeaker, InstituteTitle
Jan. 8, 2013 Sarah Palaich - UCLA
Exploring ionic compressibility: insights from hanksite and tychite
Jan. 15, 2013 Daniel Hummer - UCLA
Tale of Two Minerals: Tracking Phase Stability Reversal During the Crystallization of Titanium Oxi
Jan. 29, 2013 Claire Waller - CalTech
Liquid silicate equations of state: using shock waves to investigate the deep earth
Feb. 5, 2013 Ellen Kooijman - UCSB
Feb. 12, 2013 Anke Watenphul - UCLA
Cr(III) solubility in aqueous fluids at high pressures and temperatures
Feb. 19, 2013 Alan Rubin - UCLA
Explicating the Chemical Fractionations Among Chondrite Groups
Feb. 26, 2013 Haolan Tan - University of Chicago
60Fe in the Early Solar System: Abundance, Distribution, and Origins
March 5, 2013 Beth Ann Bell - UCLA
igins of Variable Pu/U Among Hadean Jack Hills Zircons"
March 12, 2013 Andrew Barth - IUPUI
Jan. 17, 2014 Terry Plank - Lamont-Doherty
Fast Crystal Clocks, at the Speed of Magma Ascent
March 11, 2014 Winnie Wu - UCLA