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2016 Newsletter Available online

Posted on Dec. 21, 2016

The Fall 2016 edition of the EPSS newsletter is available online. It includes many stories that describe our activities over the past few months. Happy reading!

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Exploring Your Universe 2016

Posted on Nov. 3, 2016

EPSS will have a strong presence at the annual Exploring Your Universe science festival, as usual. This free and family-friendly event will take place on the UCLA campus on Sunday November 6, 2016, from noon ...

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Mount Rainier is an active volcano near a large population center

EPSS postdoc Melanie Barboni and collaborators have published an article with important implications for volcanic hazard assessment.  A popular model posits that melt ...

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University of California, Los Angeles
Job number JPF02628

The Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences seeks applications for a tenure-track or tenured faculty appointment in the general area of Earth history and Earth’s ...

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UCLA researchers and space enthusiasts observed the moon’s craters through a telescope on the roof of the Mathematical Sciences Building in Saturday’s evening.

The UCLA Institute for Planets and Exoplanets hosted a moon ...

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Please join us this weekend and invite your friends and family to International Explore The Moon Night 2016 atop the roof of UCLA’s Mathematical Sciences Building. We will have telescopes for you to enjoy ...

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Please join us in congratulating Former EPSS graduate student Anat Shahar for winning The Mineralogical Society of America’s young investigator Award!

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Dear EPSS,

We write with the sad news that former EPSS professor Jon Davidson passed away earlier today. Jon was a valued member of the faculty from 1988-2000. He moved on to Durham University in ...

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In 2006, a NASA-owned rocket landed on Earth after a seven-year journey beyond the orbit of Mars. The rocket flew through the tail of a comet, collecting thousands of dust particles for NASA’s Stardust ...

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UCLA-led astronomers capture best view ever of disintegrating comet

Astronomers have captured the sharpest, most detailed observations of a comet breaking apart 67 million miles ...